Thursday, January 19, 2012

My true confession of 2011

My blog is long overdue for a post (2 1/2 months overdue), so today is the day. I will start by being painfully honest.  I had a very rough summer and fall in 2011, with only myself to blame.  I quit eating the way I need to in order to stay inflammation free.  I indulged in saturated fatty foods, processed foods and sugary treats. By fall, my body could no longer cope.  I had so much pain I could barely walk up and down our stairs.  Tasks so simple as turning a door knob, squeezing a shampoo bottle, opening a jar, using a can opener had become impossible.  Sleep would beckon me, but my body would scream in pain and not allow the sweet slumber that I so desperately needed. I stopped exercising and put on 10 extra pounds in a very short time.  I felt hopeless.  I came really close to giving in to my doctor and allowing him to set me up for self injections of Rheumatoid Arthritis medications.  Deep inside though, my conviction to eat right was resurfacing at the thought of having the awful side effects of new meds.  Since an anti-inflammatory diet works for me, it is a pretty obvious choice, diet instead of medication is the healthiest option.

In October, I began eating an anti-inflammatory diet again.  I quit processed food, sugar, saturated fats, white flour.  Instead of mindless eating, I began fueling my body again with foods that calm inflammation.  I took my own advice and  practiced what I preached.  It took over two months to calm the inflammation in my body. I am finally feeling great again.  I have been able to exercise and as of yesterday have lost 10 pounds. 

I would like to say, "lesson learned."  I truly hope that I don't give in again and eat food that hurts me. I am ashamed that my self-discipline becomes so weak that I eat wrong.  For now though, the pain and suffering I went through is fresh in mind and I have a very strong resolve!  So, here is to a happy and healthy 2012!