Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Biggest Challenge Yet!

Summer is beginning with some great changes.  I accepted a part time position last July and it truly affected every area of my life.  I did love the job, but it did not fit into the lifestyle that we were wanting at this stage of life.  After much prayer and discussion with my husband, last week was the end of my short career.

A great deciding factor to quit the job was the fact that I need to have foot surgery and the company I worked for was not able to grant me the time off when it was needed. Everyday I worked, the pain increased.  RA was attacking my body with quite a bit of inflammation and it did this to my foot.

As the inflammation caused the toes to spread apart the capillaries and cartilage tore causing my toe joint to pop out.  If you are thinking "ouch," you are almost correct.  It is actually more like "OUCH!!!" The surgery to correct this problem is quite painful with bone cutting and pin placement involved.  ICK!

My Rheumatologist, who is always trying to get me to add another DMARD (Disease Modifying Antirheumatic Drug,  feels that the answer to the inflammation problem is for me to begin taking Arava.  The way the drug works is that it blocks the formation of DNA, preventing cells from developing, especially in the immune system. Not good! I want my DNA to keep forming DNA.

Once again, after much prayer, and talking with my husband, friends, and family, I have decided against the drug.  My personal challenge is to attack this inflammation the only way I am comfortable with, through nutrition.  My hope and prayer is that when the inflammation calms down, my foot will heal without the need for surgery.  It is a big reach, but I am pretty determined.

Now that I am back to my homemaker roots, I have the time to take better care of myself and my disease.  I have time once again to be a better friend, mom, and wife.  I am so thankful and feel extremely blessed that we are at a place in life that allowed me the freedom to stay home. 

I am beginning with the basics in anti-inflammatory eating starting right here.  This is my biggest challenge yet, trying to avoid surgery by turning to nutrition rather than medications.  I have seen miraculous changes over the years in my healing through nutrition and I cannot imagine that it would fail me now. Only time will tell :)