Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Soup Time

Photo by:  David Smith/Photoxpress.com

Yesterday my husband requested soup for dinner.  He looked in the cupboard and reached for the canned chicken noodle and said he thought that would work just fine.  The man should know me better than that by now!  I went to the kitchen and started dicing onion and red pepper and tossed them in a pot to saute with some olive oil.  Then I sliced some mushrooms and asparagus that I found in the refrigerator.  After the onions and red pepper had carmelized a bit I added the mushrooms and asparagus.   By this time my husband was soooo glad that he was not having to eat canned soup and did not stop commenting on the wonderful aroma in the house.  I then sprinkled about a tsp of sea salt and a tsp of granulated garlic over the veggies.  After they saute for a bit longer I add a can of fire roasted diced tomatoes, 1 small can of tomato sauce, and 2 tomato cans of water.  While this simmered I found some Barilla Whole Grain Pasta Shells and added about 8 oz. of them to the pot with a bit more water.  I then added another tsp. of garlic (we love our garlic) 1/2 tsp. pepper, and 1 tsp. of Italion Seasoning.  When the pasta shells were cooked through......we ate. 

This meal was delicious, full of anti-oxidants, and the pasta had omega 3's.  As we ate my husband said "Please...tell me you wrote down what you did!  This is delicious!"  I have a bad habit of throwing things into a pot and not writing down the measurements and ingredients.  So I quickly grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down what I had done so I could duplicate the recipe again.  Please understand that these are approximate measurements as I used the palm of my hand for measuring.  Just season to taste and don't be afraid to experiment.  I wrote this recipe out this way so you can see how easy and quick it can be to cook a healthy and delicious home cooked meal.

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