Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gardening is exercise

The past few days were sunny and gorgeous.  The temperature got up to around 50 plus degrees so I headed outside and stayed there for most of Friday and Saturday.  My husband is talented and has been busy making me a 4' X 10' raised garden so that I can plant my veggies (they are still alive and doing well in the windowsill).  This is the first of three.

He finished the project yesterday so I went to the local nursery and purchased garden soil. I shoveled two pickup loads of soil. Out of that I was able to fill the raised garden and also make a pea patch.   I have some space behind my lilac bushes up against the south wall of our house that will be perfect this year to grow peas. They are so pretty as they grow and partnered with the lilac bushes, I am hoping it will be beautiful.   I used a couple of cherry landscaping beams to border off the pea patch and separate the peas from the lilacs.

After pulling weeds, raking bark out of the way, shoveling two loads of soil from the pickup bed into the garden and pea patch, planting the peas, and watering them I am worn out. Now maybe I am stretching it a bit, but I feel that I got an awesome workout and enjoyed every second of it.  Plus we have made something beautiful and useful in our yard.


  1. The raised bed gardens are the best for ra limitations. We have this arboretum near where I live and they have a garden called an ability garden. In there they feature a garden similar to yours and one even higher up called the standing garden. I have been wanting to garden again....desperately. My issue is the watering system in our new home. I am going to try a few veggies in pots this year until i resolve how to either rig up a rain barrel or get a fresh water supply to the back of our property. One step at a step at a time. I enjoyed reading your blog! Keep up the great posts.

  2. Hi Deb! I just got back on my blog after a whirlwhind couple of weeks. Thanks so much for your comment. My husband has just finished the other raised bed and we are beginning planting now. Hope you get your water issue resolved soon :)