Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tomatoes....stuck in the window

I began my gardening adventure excited and ready to completely throw myself into the project....and I did.   My tomatoes took off like nothing I have ever grown before.  Now though, we seem to be stuck in a rain...snow...wind...rain...snow pattern here in the NW.  My tomatoes are still in the quart mason jars and are about a foot high in my kitchen window sills.  Still the best looking thing I have ever been able to grow with this brown thumb of mine.  So all of this is bringing me to my point...or question I guess.  What do I do now with these tomatoes?  I cannot put them outside in this weather and I don't want to lose the one and only thriving crop that I have ever had.  My husband worked so hard building my raised bed that I have to save these tomatoes to put into the awesome garden.  For now I am leaving them in the window.  Please feel free to give me your input on this matter if you have an opinion or advice.  Help me save my tomatoes!

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  1. Hi Tonya .. now that it's above freezing, you can put them outside in a sheltered area (not in harsh sunlight .. but dappled shade free from WIND .. (like we ever see the sun, eh;)? for about a week. I've got mine sitting low on the front porch .. you'll want to watch them the first day to see how they do .. keep an eye on the weather report and bring them in should it appear the temp will drop in the mid to low 30's at night. If you want to plant them after they harden off, I'd have Ed build you a little hoop covering over the bed covered with plastic to cover them up at night should we get a freeze after you plant them .. you can also plant them inside a device called a wall-o-water, or just wait until Memorial Day to be safe before planting .. the plants LOOK GREAT. Be careful when tapping them loose out of the jars not to disturb the roots too much.