Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day....enjoy a yummy and healthy bbq!

Happy Memorial Day!  It has been a great weekend and we even had a little bit of sunshine.  We took advantage of that and worked out in the yard.  My husband made me another raised garden....for a total of three now.  As you can see my seedlings are still alive and well :)

And....our apple trees are blossoming out!

More importantly though...I am still on track with my anti-inflammatory eating.  I want to share with you a perfect and easy breakfast cereal that I had this morning. It is Organic Flax Plus cereal and I highly recommend it since it has anti-inflammatory Omega 3's and lots of fiber.   

For dinner I will be making Summer Salmon Barbecue.  It is super easy and full of Omega 3's and inflammation fighting ingredients.  So enjoy your Memorial Day without giving up on delicious food!  


  1. I have found a mixed berry shake at night helps alot for me. I use froozen mixed strawberries, rasberries and boysenberries with vanilla yogurt and added water. It is yummy and the anti-inflammatory effects of the berries helps with my ra. I also take evening primrose oil and use flaxseed (yellow kind) on salads and such. We love salmon here also!

  2. Your garden is looking wonderful. I'm glad you are sticking to the diet and reaping the rewards! Have a blessed Memorial Day. Hugs,

  3. Deb: Thanks so much for the tips. Always great to find something that works :)

    Mrs. Mac: Thanks you :) We still need to do our coffee date. You can come here and check out my garden. It's been so fun!

  4. Hi Tonya,
    Hope you are doing well! What is the best way to contact you? Really would like to pick your brain on your anti-inflammatory diet. Think I am finally realizing I need to do my part to get these RA meds to work :)

  5. Hi Genny! Yes definitely contact me at I would love to help :)

  6. Thanks :)) your recent post answered a bunch of questions but I will be emailing you very soon!!!