Saturday, June 18, 2011

A tribute to dads: Happy Fathers Day!

I am reflecting this evening on Fathers Day and the men in my life who are great dads.  It all began for me growing up in a loving home with a great dad.  My dad is a hard worker and provided for his family no matter the cost.  He was a Navy man and had to be gone from home for long stretches of time, but he did it for his family.  As hard as it was on us having him gone, it must have been much harder on him being away from his entire family.  My siblings and I were so blessed to have a loving, strong, honorable, Godly man to call dad. 

My Dad

Now, I am married to a man who is also an amazing dad. He has always provided well for his family, and like my dad, he is a retired military man having served in the Air Force.  He is such a loving, selfless, giving, trusting, compassionate, hard working, amazing person.  All who know him are blessed.  He is not the father of my children, however he is always there for them as well as his own.  He puts others' needs ahead of his own needs always.  He is such an awesome example of how to be a dad, but also how to be a man. 

My Husband

I want to say thank you to both of these wonderful men that are in my life.  So thank you Dad and thank you Ed.  I love you both dearly.  Happy Fathers Day!


  1. A lovely tribute to the "Dads" in your life. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice post Tonya! You are indeed blessed to have been raised in a loving home with a godly father .. and now married to your hubby! (Let's get together soon .. after this week I'm free from company for a while :)

  3. Thank you Deb and Mrs. Mac. I was very blessed to grow up with a great dad. And I am blessed still by him and my husband.

    Mrs. Mac: Look forward to getting together. Just give me a call :)