Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Baking

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What is more festive and fragrant than holiday baking and candy making?  Not to mention it is soooo delicious and my home smells warm and welcoming while I am baking.  This time of year is always challenging if you are trying to eat right as I am.  Whether it is simply cutting calories and fat or doing an all out diet for health reasons, it feels impossible at times. 

A favorite Christmas tradition of mine is to buy cute little tins and fill them with homemade treats to give to my friends and neighbors.  My dilemma....can I bake these without indulging as well?  I would love to fill these tins with homemade whole grain delicious morsels fresh from my oven.  Unfortunately, I think that may fly like a lead balloon.  In my minds eye, I see my recipients, with delightful eagerness and anticipation, opening the tin and oh how their faces fall as they look upon the fiber filled goods while walking straight to the garbage can.  We have grown accustomed to the saturated fat ladened, over sugary candies and cookies at Christmas and tend to be disappointed with healthy variations. 

As you can see, I have quite a dilemma.  The solution perhaps would be duct tape over my mouth while I bake, only to be removed when the tins are delivered and out of harms way.  However, I do realize that the ideal solution would be practicing some self control.  Whichever solution I choose, I will still completely enjoy my holiday baking experience and the joy of handing out the goodies. 

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  1. I once had a health conscious friend bake up small apple cakes (in loaf pans) to give as gifts. She was able to get away with using whole wheat flour because the apples gave it extra moisture and sweetness .. letting her cut down on oil and sugar. The cakes were delish! I have similar hesitations about making loads of sweets.