Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just get moving!

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I had my Rheumatology appointment this past week.  My doctor has strongly suggested that I start taking a medication for RA that will prevent symptoms. I definitely do not want to do this!  So, he and I made a deal and I have an appointment on February 1st with him to follow up on this deal.  From now until then my homework is:
  • Research three different medications that he would like me to choose from. 
  • Eat to prevent inflammation.  I believe so strongly in eating to prevent symptoms that I am remaining dedicated (again) to show him that it truly works for me. I honestly don't know why I even stray from eating correctly when it increases my quality of life.
  • Exercise!  Oh me oh my!  I do not even like that word.  I have made so many great excuses to not go to the gym.  Time to just get moving! 
So, the deal is....I will not take medication if I can put my body back in remission through diet and exercise by February 1st.  He may not be on board totally, or at all, but he will at least acknowledge the positive change.  I know that I can do this and I am excited to share the progress that will hopefully be of encouragement to others as well.

In closing this post I want to share a quote by Kevin R. Stone, MD, "The way you live directly affects your joints.  The healthier your lifestyle, the healthier your joints."  I know this to be true and his words are an inspiration to me as I hope they are to you.

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