Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Walking in the winter wonderland

Now that it is time for all to begin living up to their New Years resolutions, I must say, I did not make even one.  I have thought about this and wondered why I didn't.  First, I don't think it really occurred to me.  Second, I already have so many goals that there is not enough room for a resolution.  One of my all time goals is to get healthy inside and out.  Eating healthy and exercising are imperative in order to get and stay strong.  Walking is at the top of that list.

I feel a bit guilty going to the gym to walk on a treadmill since I have two dogs at home that  love to get out and walk.  So, this morning I decided to bundle up and take my Goldendoodle  Gracie for a walk.  The snow was falling peacefully to the ground with a fresh covering of white fluffiness. Underneath that beautiful whiteness, was ice.  Clumps of ice ready to take down a well meaning walker.  I am happy to say that this time I stayed upright.  Not by my sure is because I was wearing the correct footwear.  I purchased some fantastic snow boots from Cabelas.  They really keep my feet warm, have great traction, and give the support that my sore feet need.  In fact, there is no pain at all when I walk in these boots.  They are Snow Runners and are on sale right now for $52.49. 

Since there has been some conversation regarding RA and painful feet, I wanted to be sure to share this about these boots.  Let me know if you get some or even have shoes that work well for you too.  In the meantime, enjoy walking in the beautiful outdoors. 


  1. I love walks. I take our dog every morning for anywhere between 1-3 miles depending on how I feel.

    Thanks for the boot suggestion. I am not buying anything new this year, but always good to know what works for others. Dansko clogs are my best friends for regular wear.

  2. I have serious damage in my feet, they hurt 24/7. I have to wear steel toe work boots to compound the problem. Glad you found something to help relieve your feet.

    Gracie is adorable. She looks like a small version of a Great Pyrenees we had.