Friday, August 5, 2011

Taking grief into the kitchen

The last couple of weeks have been rough!  I have been grieving for two families who have each lost a son within the last year.  The most recent loss was just last week.  There are moments when I feel the air is actually being sucked from my lungs because I hurt so bad for them.  It has hit me really hard and my prayers are with them constantly.

I have been living with such a heavy heart, so in an attempt to just function, a few days ago I went out to my garden that I love so much and thinned out the rhubarb plant.  I cleaned the rhubarb and placed it on the kitchen counter where it stayed for 2 days.  (I never let anything sit on my counter for more than an hour). 

Yesterday I walked by and noticed the rhubarb in the kitchen.  It was beginning to get limp at the ends so I figured I better take action whether I felt like it or not.  I cleaned up the rhubarb again and set about making my husband the Rhubarb Sauce he loves so much. 

For me cooking is so therapeutic.  I was at peace in the kitchen and my breathing seemed to come a little easier.  I was even humming by the end of the project. 

Life is full of unexpected moments, both joyful and tragic.  Finding a way to be strong and keep moving forward is key.  I draw my strength from God, first and foremost.  He is always wise, always knowing, always there.  I am thankful that He has given me the ability to find peace and joy with something so simple as working in my beautiful kitchen :)


  1. Getting back to nature which in my book includes gardening always helps my soul to heal. I am so sorry for the losses you have recently experienced. There are no words that will heal a parents loss.

  2. Tonya, I am so sorry to hear of the losses. You are definitely in my thoughts.

    Like you, I find comfort in nature. For me it is long walks since I seem to have a green thumb, but like you I do find comfort in the kitchen. Even after a long hectic day the kitchen brings comfort to me. Lucky for your family, huh? The rhubarb sauce looks great.

  3. Well now that I am back we can have some girl therapy too! That sauce looks delicious. Did you post the recipe?

  4. Deb and Cathy, thank you for your comments. Life is getting back to normal, but my prayers are still always with those families.

    Rachel, I'm glad your back! If you scroll over the words "Rhubarb Sauce" just above the picture of the sauce, there is a link to the recipe. You can also click on the Recipe tab and it is listed under Desserts :)

  5. Tonya, I too am so sorry for your losses and the grief you're experiencing. I'm so glad you have your wonderful kitchen that you can go to, do your thing and find comfort. God is so good... He always knows every little thing about us and what we need. I'm so grateful for you too :)