Friday, August 26, 2011

Turns out I can grow a garden after all!

I realized today that I have not added a gardening post since spring when my baby plants were stuck in the windowsill.  Since then, my husband has built me three magnificent raised beds and the produce has gone wild.

  • Radishes:  We have planted twice and eaten them up the moment they were ready.
  • Lettuce:  Had plenty the first time around.  They were supposed to be the cut and comeback variety, however, they did not come back so well.  Perhaps because of the heat.
  • Carrots:  Simply amazing
  • Onions:  Still growing, but we are using them already.
  • Peas:  They were awesome and we enjoyed them with homemade ranch dip.
  • Green Beans:  They are ready now and we cannot seem to pick and eat them fast enough.  May need the neighbors to help in eating them.
  • Squash:  So far we have harvested one and it was delicious.  Waiting for more.
  • Zucchini:  What can I say except WOW!  It is doing what zucchini does best....producing lots of zucchini.  May need more creative ideas for zucchini recipes.  
  • Tomatoes:  My poor poor maters.  I babied them and nurtured them along and all of the sudden when they went outside they got blight!  They are still producing tomatoes but the plants are pretty scary looking.  Need to figure out how to keep them in better shape next year. 
  • Strawberries:  We started out with 36 little strawberry plants and they have flourished and are spreading throughout the bed.  No berries this year, but should get a good crop next year.
I have loved everything about my garden.  The planning, planting, weeding, watering, and of course the harvesting.   The fact that it not only survived, but flourished makes me exceedingly happy. 


  1. Can't beat getting such rewards for such a labor of love either :-)

  2. Deb it has been a wonderful experience. I kept a journal so that I know what to repeat next year and what to do different :)