Thursday, February 17, 2011

Follow up appointment

This morning, while visiting other blogs and catching up on the news of my fellow bloggers, it occurred to me that I have not followed up on the February 1st visit to my Rheumatologist.  In my post, Just Get Moving, I had shared with you that due to returning back to my bad eating habits, I was in a great deal of physical pain.  My doctor was not at all on board with my view of treating my RA through diet and wanted me to inject myself weekly with an RA treatment.  I absolutely did not want to add another medication with the many side effects, so we made a deal that I would eat right and return to him on February 1st to show the results.  Of course, any challenge is quite motivating to me, so once again I completely overhauled my diet. 

I am very pleased to say that I am pain free once again.  My doctor was absolutely in shock and thanked me for showing him that nutrition can make a huge difference in healing.  It is quite a challenge to eat for healing and sometimes I fail.  As long as I remain true to eating correctly the majority of the time, I feel great. 

There is one thing that is so very important in nutritional healing where RA is concerned.  People talk to me about the changes they have made and yet they do not notice a big difference.  The problem is that they make a few dietary changes, but still hang on to some of the old eating habits.  It has to be all or nothing.  If you truly desire healing you can not just dip your toe into the water and expect results.  You must jump in all the way.  For instance, let's say that you switch to whole grains and make a fantastic oatmeal cookie recipe that has whole wheat flour for added fiber, plus cinnamon and ginger that are anti-inflammatory.  Those are wonderful choices!  However, if you use shortening or margarine in the same recipe you are sabotaging your efforts because those are both very inflammatory. 

Look through your cupboards, pantry, refrigerator.  What do you see?  If it is processed, full of omega 6 fats, white flour, white sugar, or if you simply cannot pronounce or recognize the ingredients on the label....don't eat it.  Eating whole foods that nourish and strengthen your body can be delicious.  God created our bodies and gave us the food to nourish it.  Man has processed and changed the food so much that our bodies are breaking down.  If you want to make changes and feel alone and need encouragement, please feel free to contact me.  I am definitely not an expert but I am on a lifelong journey to wellness. 

I am closing this post with a quote I have used before from Kevin R. Stone, MD, "The way you live directly affects your joints.  The healthier your lifestyle, the healthier your joints."


  1. I strongly believe that our bodies want to heal and boy have I worked hard to make that happen. I have more than overhauled my diet and at times I have seen good results. Other times, even on the cleanest diet, I have not seen good results. I wish rheumatoid arthritis was as easy as diet for all of us because if it was, I would be healed with the will power I have.

    I am very happy that diet has worked so well for you, and extremely happy that you have educated your rheumy about diet and RA connection. For me, I did opt for the drugs in addition to diet. Together they work well. Alone, neither one does me good.

  2. Cathy,thank you so much for sharing. I have enjoyed reading about your RA journey. It is true that many of us need medication in addition to a good diet. I take Plaquenil every day and may have to forever. However, if I watch what I eat (which sometimes I don't) then hopefully I will not have to add additional medications. I was so pleased that along with the Plaquenil, eating right put me back in a great place. PS...I have been working on barefootin it :)

  3. It always amazes me that some doctors just don't get the diet connection and would prefer to prescribe a drug. Good for you for following through and having positive results.

  4. I am glad for you too Tonya! Your barefooting sentence made me smile. I can't wait for warm weather.